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Beachwood Residents,


I am excited to announce that the signatures on my petition have been validated and I will be on the November 5th ballot. Beachwood is a great city and I will constantly strive to find ways to make it better. Here is a list of six things I think can be done to improve our community. 

  • Better lighting on some of our heavier trafficked side streets especially in the walking neighborhoods near the Shuls.

  • Sidewalks on the heavier trafficked streets that don't have them, especially a high traffic street like Bryden that has an elementary school on it.

  • Fix the infrastructure that causes basement flooding in many parts of Beachwood from heavy rains.

  • Spending City money to improve our youth sports fields on school property and fixing the issues with the High School pool since it is also used by residents.  Many cities with much less money than Beachwood use city funds on recreation facilities on school properties because they are used by the entire community, but this has never been embraced in Beachwood. 

  • On the same theme of improving our fields and recreation facilities, turning part of the Shaker Blvd median, the side east of Richmond (the I-271 side) into a nice park with playing fields, picnic areas, a playground, swing set, places to throw a frisbee and a walking trails instead of just a walking trail. If you visit Brainard Park in Lyndhurst or Solon Community Park, you will see this is something we don’t have that would be a tremendous asset to Beachwood and enjoyed by the entire community for generations. 

  • We have the best pool around but it can and should be utilized more in a way that serves all our residents. On Monday through Thursday, instead of closing at 8pm, extend it until 9pm with the last hour for men’s only swim on Monday and Wednesday, and woman’s only swim on Tuesday and Thursdays. I recently learned that this is something that has been requested for a long time. It is easy to do and unless I am missing something, I don’t see any good reason why it shouldn’t be done.


As always, I encourage and would love to hear your input on my positions, or any issue/opportunity you see.  Please reach out via phone, email or my Facebook page/blog, etc. If you would like a yard sign in the fall, email me so I can make sure to order enough.  I also have a few car bumper magnets left. Whether it is a yard sign, bumper magnet on your car, or a Facebook like and/or comment, all public support is greatly appreciated and important.


Have a great day,


Mike Burkons


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