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Is Mike Burkons a Democrat or Republican?

Lately I have run into several residents who were under the belief that our slate (Burkons, Darvin, Hildebrand and Tindel) is the Republican slate, and the other slate is the Democrat slate. I imagine this is because our slate is campaigning on things like making the temporary property tax decrease permanent, and we are against reckless spending like the $3.5m playground or the purchase of chairs costing nearly $1,200 a piece for the pool snack shop.

The purpose of this short blog post is to clear up any confusion and let people know that all 8 candidates running for Beachwood City Council are registered Democrats.

Likely adding to the confusion is if you are hearing the Burkons name in discussions not involving Beachwood politics, it’s because my father is in the news almost daily stumping as hard as he can for Issue 1, as he is the largest abortion provider in Ohio, operating a clinic in Toledo, Shaker and Cuyahoga Falls. I am very proud of my Dad and here are just a couple links to stories written about him you will find if you Google “Dr. David Burkons”.

The issues facing Beachwood are local ones unlike the traditional party line issues involved with national elections. Reckless and irresponsible spending should be non-partisan issues everyone cares about. If elected, Howard, Matt, Karen and I will advocate for the best interest of all residents, regardless of their political party affiliation, and whether they identify with the left, right or somewhere in between.

If you have any more questions about this issue, or any other, please do not hesitate to email or call me (or Howard, Matt or Karen).


Mike Burkons



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