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The Actual "MissMarples" Whistleblower Email

Below is the actual anonymous whistleblower email in question. As anyone can see, it was sent to all of council on Sept 19 as well as two other people, including one local journalist so there isn't any legal argument that can be made that I am not allowed to share it with anyone I choose. Anyone who claims that transparency is important would want this emailed shared so residents can see for themselves how absurd it is that anyone would argue the City should spend $25k to hire a law firm to try to go after, unmask and retaliate against someone who sent an anonymous whistleblower email like this.

Just to be clear, I don’t know enough about the police operations to have an opinion on whether I think the criticism is legitimate or even fair. However, that isn’t relevant to this discussion because the only legal standard that matters is whether the email meets the legal threshold to be deemed “defamatory” or "threatening" and it doesn’t even come close.

From: Miss Marples <> Sent: Monday, September 19, 2022 8:17 PM To: Justin Berns; Alec Isaacson; Eric Synenberg; Danielle Shoykhet; June Taylor; Barbara Janovitz; Joshua Mintz; Mike Burkons Cc: Katherine McLaughlin; Bob Jacob CJN; Subject: Desperate Times

***City of Beachwood Notice *** This e-mail is from an external source. Think before you click links or open attachments.

The cops working for BPD have been suffering for too long. Losing awful chiefs who are shockingly replaced by even worse ones.

The current Police Chief first met officers and shared her great leadership style with quotes like-

-I'm not here to make friends with any of you

-Morale starts at the bottom

-Im here to clean up this shitshow

-You have to treat officers like children

-I don't need your input

What leader speaks to people like this? Would YOU want this as your superior?

Don't you wonder why there are more grievances and arbitrations just from the police in the past 2 years than the past 20?

The Chief orders officers to not speak with council members without her consent.

The Chief takes credit for awarded grants someone else writes and throws the author back to patrol when they dare ask to be paid fairly.

The Deputy Chief orders an officer to fire a TASER for demonstration during a community event and throws a temper tantrum when the officer and others refuse due to safety.

Why are officers threatened with losing 12 hour shifts whenever they voice a concern? What kind of 'speak up' culture does that create?

Why couldn't BPD find enough lateral applicants to make a certified list when we pay so well?

Officers have left, are leaving, and more will follow. BPDs reputation is out for all to see and can't attract replacements

Someone posts critical-yet-true Facebook posts about the Chief and her furniture-flinging Deputy Chief...... then she deletes the comments and blocks comments from anyone on a government page.

This is ILLEGAL and violates the US CONSTITUTION. Look it up yourselves.

When the Chief of Police BREAKS THE LAW and VIOLATES CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS....... and has no consequences, what message are you sending to the officers???

This is just a tip of the iceberg of trauma brought on by the current 'leaders'

This. Cycle. Must. Stop. Please quit blindly letting this continue to get worse. Stop giving people easy reasons to sue Beachwood. Stop giving reasons for the city to look idiotic.





PR and Legal fees

These all cost TAXPAYER MONEY. If this kind of money was coming out of your bank account would you continue tolerating this train wreck?

PLEASE finally do something to give BPD hope, some reason to risk their lives for a city that continues to ignore how bad things are and how much worse they keep getting. Please start trying to actually turn this sinking ship around for the sake of EVERYONE

Imagine if your spouse / your brother / your sister / your son / your daughter were an officer... what would you do?


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