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The April 01, 2019 Council meeting

One of the things residents are being told, is that this project is not fully approved, Council only authorised the City to move forward with the $1.25m detailed design phase, of which ODOT is paying $1m of, and if we don't want to proceed after that, for whatever reason (the costs came in too high, residents didn't like the plan, or there was a change in the make up of Council), that if won't go forward and the City would only be out $250k. However, this is not what Council was told in the April 01, 2019 Council meeting. As you can see from the short clip below, Councilman Isaacson asked City Engineer Joe Ciuni of GPD whether the City would have to pay back ODOT the $950k, if the City didn't want to move forward with the project after the design phase was complete, and Mr. Ciuni responded that we would.


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